What are you?

Marabu Fabric

  • Design Studio
  • Design Bureau
  • Transport Department
  • Mounting Section

What are we doing?

  • Design, manufacture, installation and servicing of commercial equipment, commercial furniture, and interior elements stores. Interior design of a shop or a one-piece takes a lot of time and resources... more
  • Trading equipmentEquipment that was intended for trade. Trading equipment is used for display, storage, and sale of goods. The ultimate purpose of using trading equipment is products sales... more
  • Trading furniture Generally, classified by structure which depends on the functions and appearance of the products... more

Why do people choose us?

Marabu Fabric is a member
of Group of Companies Mayer J. Group.
For more than 15 years, we have been providing services in the field of trading exhibitions, advertisement, and manufacturing of in-store products.

  • A wide range of experience
  • Personal modern manufacturing system
  • Over 300 clients
  • Precise adaptation and localization of foreign projects
  • Competitive staff
  • Minimum terms of performance of orders